Choose a leading roof replacement company with over 28 years experience!

Hurricane Metal Roofing offer professional replacement roofing across Melbourne. We can help you change old roof materials and improve the structural integrity of your Melbourne home. If you are looking to replace your flat metal roof with a new Kliplok metal roof, we have the experience and know-how to improve your building.

Why not replace your flat metal roof with a modern Kliplok metal roof design to increase durability and improve drainage. We can change your roof materials to a durable steel construction to ensure that your new design will not only look modern but is also capable of withstanding the harsh Melbourne weather. By choosing a new flat metal Kilplok roofing profile or Trimdek roofing profile, you are ensuring the longevity of your roof.

Many things can cause damage to your existing structure, leading to the daunting task of finding a professional service to help you change old roof materials to a more durable product. The quality corrugated and steel roof decking sheets we use are designed to improve your building’s strength, durability and even the look of your whole home. When you choose us to change your old roof materials to a steel roof you will also be adding to the energy efficiency of your building. Why not consider the modern durability of a new Kliplok roof? The perfect solution for an old flat metal roof, that can also be installed with an insulation blanket or insulation batts.

What some of our tin roofing products can do:

  • Improve your energy efficiency through its solar reflective properties
  • Increase the longevity through its low maintenance, tough construction
  • Provide a fresh new feel to your existing home.

Our reputation

As a top roof replacement company we offer professional services and only the highest quality materials. We have decades of experience backing our workmanship and take pride in our customer relationships. We choose to use the most trusted brands in Australia adding to our reputation as a leading roof replacement company. So when you choose us to replace your flat roof, corrugated roof or tiled roof you get the best Melbourne has to offer.

Call us on 0412 401 234 and plan to change or replace your flat metal roof with a leading roof replacement company in Melbourne.